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If you are not already a Netscape® Nitro™ subscriber, Sign-up now online or by phone at 1-866-NETSCAPE (1-866-638-7227).

If you are already a subscriber (for example, if you registered over the phone), please click the download link on the right to install Nitro now. Do not sign up again. Repeat signups will create multiple charges to your credit card.

You will need the username and password information provided to you when you signed up as part of the Nitro installation process.

Please note that you must agree to our Terms of Service before downloading Netscape® Nitro™.

Nitro Support: support.nitro.netscape.ca
Getting Started with Netscape Nitro: Click here to view the tutorial

To start the download and installation of Netscape Nitro, click "Download" below.

When prompted, click "Open" to install Nitro™immediately. If, however, you choose to install at a later date, click "save" and store the software on your desktop for easy retrieval. When you're ready to install Nitro, double click the desktop file called "Nitro_Installer".

  I accept the Netscape Terms of Service

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* Up to 19 times faster than a dial-up connection using a 56K modem. ** Communication charges may apply.
ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP MUST BE USED WITHIN ONE MONTH OF INITIAL SIGN ON. OFFER IS AVAILABLE TO NEW MEMBERS. NETSCAPE® NITRO™ WEB ACCELERATOR IS AVAILABLE TO RESIDENTS OF CANADA AGE 18 YEARS OR OLDER. A MAJOR CREDIT CARD IS REQUIRED. A MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEE PLUS APPLICABLE TAXES WILL APPLY. BILLING FOR THE SERVICE BEGINS WHEN ACCOUNT REGISTRATION IS COMPLETED. Use of Netscape® Nitro™ is conditioned on acceptance of the then applicable terms of service. Netscape® Nitro™ is currently available in English only. Some premium services may be subject to surcharges. To cancel your account, call Netscape at 1-866-NETSCAPE (638-7227). Nitro is a trademark of AOL Canada Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. Other names are trademarks or service marks of their respective holders. Copyright 2004 AOL Canada Inc. All rights reserved.