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No need to change your existing service plan. Nitro™ is software that sits on top of your existing Internet connection, allowing it to generate speeds up to 19x faster than your regular standalone service. That's faster than most high speed light services, which can only reach speeds of up to 128kbps!
No need to change your existing service plan. Nitro™ software runs on top of your broadband service. Acceleration will vary depending on your connection speed, however if you have a connection speed of 384kbps downstream or slower, you can expect to see a noticeable difference with Nitro™ compared to the same broadband service without Nitro™. To determine the speed of your broadband connection, contact your service provider.

How do you get it? Regardless of your connection type (Dial or High Speed Light), download Nitro™ in 2 minutes or less! Click on the Sign-up Now link below, and go!

  • Works with your existing dial-up or High-Speed Light service
  • Simple download - get surfing faster in 2 minutes!
  • No hardware changes - use your existing modem!
  • Free customer support, 9am EST to 12am EST, 7 days a week
  • Free pop-up ad blocker

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* Up to 19 times faster than a dial-up connection using a 56K modem.
Nitro is a trademark of AOL Canada Inc. Copyright 2004 AOL Canada Inc. All rights reserved.